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With Anton’s Plumbing Services, you can be assured that you’re working with a quality plumbing group. We understand that a plumbing issue is very inconvenient. Our professional plumbers will treat your property with respect and we will get the job done FAST so you can get on with your life. Our work quality is some of the best in the industry. We have excellent reviews because our clients see our outstanding work.

If you want to work with experienced, professional, reliable and affordable plumbers, then give Anton’s Plumbing Services a call today.

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Immediate Plumbing Service - Call Us

Anton’s Plumbing Services has serviced the Durbanville and surrounding communities for many years. We have become known for our exceptional plumbing service and customer care. Call outs are handled punctually and with a high level of professionalism. This is the reason we have become one of the leading plumbing specialists in the Durbanville and surrounding areas.

We deal with all forms of plumbing problems. Blocked drains, leak repair, electrical geyser installations as well as solar geyser installations. We can help fix and maintain all water supply systems and whatever problems may arise with outdoor plumbing.

At Anton’s Plumbing Services in Durbanville we also work with other professionals to help you design and build your perfect kitchen or remodel your perfect bathroom.

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Immediate Plumbing Service - Call Us

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Anton’s Plumbing Services are plumbers in Durbanville and is your go-to plumbing company for all your plumbing needs. As a leading plumber in the Durbanville area, Anton’s Plumbing Services has for many years helped clients and received many positive testimonies for their work. Whether it be for a blocked drain, broken pipes, leak repair, bathroom renovation or general maintenance, these plumbers in Durbanville will be the company to call.

Established several years ago, Anton’s Plumbing Services has been on the forefront of innovation and client services within this industry. They stand apart from other Durbanville plumbers because of their client care and attention to detail. Some of their areas of specialty include…

General maintenance – all general requirements. Blocked drains, pump installations, solar geyser installations, washing machine and dishwasher installations, burst pipes and much more. Our Durbanville plumbers are trained in all forms of water and sewerage management and therefore they they are skilled to handle whatever your needs are. Give Anton’s Plumbing Services a call today.

Durbanville Plumbers With Renovation Solutions

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations. It is vital to have a knowledgeable and experienced plumber on hand when any renovations that will involve water and waste removal are involved. Anton’s Plumbing Services can provide the right plumber for the job. They will be able to work with other professionals on site to ensure that your dream bathroom or designer kitchen can come together without hassle or extra costs involved.

Using people without the specific knowledge in water or sewerage management can result in poorly installed pipes and leaks which will cause great damage to your new kitchen or bathroom. Anton’s Plumbing Services are the specialist you need, to ensure that your installations stand the test of time and reduce plumbing problems in the long run.

Geyser installation and repairs

We work with all kinds of geysers. We install and repair electrical as well as solar geysers. With changes in legislation and the push towards more sustainable power, now is the time to consider a change to water heating solutions like solar heating options. Our plumbers in Durbanville specialise in all these geyser installations and can advise you on the most cost effective and environmentally friendly option for your home or business.

Top Rated Plumbers in Durbanville that are Better than DIY Solutions

DIY is not a good idea. Many people think that doing it yourself when it comes to plumbing can save money, especially when plumbers charge for call out fees, work and parts. In the long run however, it is very seldom a good idea to attempt to fix plumbing problems yourself.

Firstly, it takes years of training to learn to diagnose a problem correctly. Just as with a doctor, the most important skill is being able to know what is wrong so that the treatment is the right one for the problem, so too for plumbers.

Anton’s Plumbing Services, with its years of experience, will be able to diagnose a problem quickly and ensure that its fixed right the first time. Even ‘simpler’ problems like a toilet running can have multiple causes.

Secondly for many plumbing problems, the correct equipment is needed. To go out and purchase the equipment will be extremely expensive and you are not trained to use it effectively. It is better to simply trust the Durbanville plumbing specialists who bring their own equipment and can do a complete fix.

It can also be dangerous. If the plumbing problem involve electricity, like a geyser for example, you put yourself and your family at risk if you do not deal with the wiring according to legislation, especially since its so close to water. Protect yourself and rather call the most recommended plumber Durbanville, Anton’s Plumbing Services.

Finally, DIY can result in damaging the pipes or other equipment. Cracked pipes cost a lot more than an original blockage. If the repair is incorrectly done it can also break again soon as well as cause greater problems down the line. In these cases, you will end up spending more money on calling a plumber in Durbanville to come and fix a bigger problem than the one you started with.

Don’t DIY – Call Anton’s Plumbing Services for expert plumbing advice and service.

Trusted Plumbing Company in Durbanville

With our company, we believe that building trust with our clients is vital to ensure that expectations are clearly expressed and met. We strive for our communication to be easy, and that projects and repairs can happen with as little hassle and disruption in your life as possible.

We believe that it is therefore important to have established relationships, as we not only understand you as our client but that we are also then familiar with your infrastructure and installations. In this way, Anton’s Plumbing Services in Durbanville can provide excellent service and continue to serve the loyal clientele that we serve.

We know that when plumbing goes awry, it can cause a great amount of disruption and difficulty in your home or business. Leaking water or burst geysers can create structural damage and damage to furniture as well as lead to mould and infestations. It can also result in extremely high-water bills and wastage.

We know that this needs to be tended to as quickly as possible. Bad smells due to poor sewerage systems or drainage problems, can impact on clients attending your business and it is vital to get a professional plumber in Durbanville to attend to it immediately.

While we attempt to keep our fees to a minimum, call out fees are necessary due to rising fuel costs. Our plumbers are well trained and work as fast as possible to reduce the working costs.

Anton’s Plumbing Services will be happy to attend to any plumbing emergency or plumbing need. Do not hesitate to call today and speak to one of our plumbers in Durbanville.

Immediate Plumbing Service - Call Us

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