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Anton’s Plumbing Services has serviced the Durbanville and surrounding communities for many years. We have become known for our exceptional plumbing service and customer care. Call outs are handled punctually and with a high level of professionalism. This is the reason we have become one of the leading plumbing specialists in the Durbanville and surrounding areas.

We deal with all forms of plumbing problems. Blocked drains, leak repair, electrical geyser installations as well as solar geyser installations. We can help fix and maintain all water supply systems and whatever problems may arise with outdoor plumbing.

At Anton’s Plumbing Services in Durbanville we also work with other professionals to help you design and build your perfect kitchen or remodel your perfect bathroom.

Due to the changing nature of the industry and the constant upgrading of technology, our Durbanville plumbers remain up to date with the latest and best ways to attend to your plumbing needs. We are also knowledgeable about the latest legislation and controls within the water and sewerage departments and ensure that all our appliances and repairs meet plumbing requirements.

Knowing the economic climate currently we also work hard to employ more people and empower those who may not have had opportunities previously with training and internships.

Working with water and electricity as one does with geysers etc, can be very dangerous. We therefore have very high safety standards in all our work and take no chances. Your house and family will be safe with us.

Finally, we believe that building a relationship with our clients is important to maintain the best standard of work possible. Therefore many of our customers remain loyal and are so satisfied with our level of service. We service both private homes and businesses, and our clients have always spoken very highly of our excellent plumbers and workers.

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Do not hesitate to call us with any of your plumbing needs – we always strive to offer the best and most affordable business possible.