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Gas Geyser Installation

There is a lot of debate around the benefits and risks of having a gas geyser installation instead of an electrical one. These debates revolve around cost implications of a gas geyser installation, the risk factors and what the needs of the household are. There are some very clear benefits in the long run with asking a gas geyser plumber to come and install a gas water heating system – but short term it might prove better to stay with electricity.

Firstly, to deal with cost. All gas appliances are more expensive than their electrical counterparts in South Africa. A gas geyser installation is no different. A gas geyser Durbanville plumber will charge you more for the installation and the geyser itself is more costly. If you are not planning on living in a space very long, or are planning to sell soon, installing a gas geyser will not be worth it as you will not be able to recover the costs.

If, however, you are settled and staying for a number of years – then it will ultimately pay off to be heating your water using gas. In the long run it can save you hundreds of Rands monthly. It is also important to note that gas geysers only heat up water as it is being used – it does not keep the entire tank constantly hot as the electrical geyser does.

Gas Geyser Plumber

A gas geyser installation is also convenient in the sense that it heats water efficiently and there is no delay as there would be with an electrical geyser. If an electrical geyser has been switched off – it would take at least an hour to heat the water to a shower-able temperature. Gas geysers will do this immediately. Due to the workings of a gas geyser it also means that you cannot run out of hot water like you would with an electric geyser.

For this reason, gas geyser Durbanville will often be asked to install these geysers in homes where there are many people living, or in places like dormitories and residences as it means there is always a supply of hot water available.

gas geyser

Another benefit of a gas geyser installation is the ability to live off the grid. This means that should we have more power crises in our country with load shedding and sub stations malfunctioning, the hot water in home will be untouched. It also protects your household from rising electricity costs.

Gas Geyser Durbanville

There are downsides too that need to be considered. Gas can be expensive, especially if you are not piped into natural gas systems. Some houses are not eligible to be piped into the natural gas and you would need to contact your gas geyser plumber to enquire whether it is possible in your area. If you are not piped in, gas tanks will need to be installed and replaced occasionally– and so the system requires work. Some claim the gas geyser installations do not last as long as electrical geysers and so the replacement cost should also be considered. Some argue that gas geyser can pose a safety risk.

Finally, the space considerations for a gas geyser installation are different to those for an electrical geyser. Do not hesitate to contact gas geyser Durbanville for more information and to discuss your options if you are considering replacing electricity with gas.

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Gas Geyser Installation Durbanville

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Durbanville Gas Geyser Installation

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