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Leak Detection

Leak detection and repair is a very important part of the work of plumbers. It is also a problem that can result in the loss of hundreds of litres of water, and huge water bills. It is therefore that the minute you notice a leak you call the leak detection plumbers to discover the source of the problem and fix it. The way you discover leaks is through dripping taps, water lying at the base of pipes or in the garden and through water bills that are extraordinarily high.

In a recent study done by the University of Cape Town, more than a third of the water in South Africa (thirty-seven percent to be exact) is being lost because of leaks and poor infrastructure. This is currently costing the country of seven billion Rand a year. This is travesty considering how simply leak detection can be done and can be fixed.

In an area in the Eastern Cape where a study was done, it was estimated that simply calling in a leak detection plumber would save the municipality thousands of Rands and some of the repairs would involve simply replacing a washer, a one Rand seventy cent solution.

Leak Detection Near Me

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Not only is the cost implication terrifying, but we know how vulnerable we are for drought conditions. In 2019 it appeared that Cape Town would actually reach “day zero”, the day when the water supply would run dry. Huge measures were taken to try and conserve water, but the infrastructure and the leakage is still very troubling.

It seems crazy to be encouraging sharing bath water and two-minute showers when hundreds of litres a day could be saved by simply fixing a leaking tap. A dripping tap or leaking toilet can waste up to thirty litres of water an hour and that’s assuming a slow leak. One drip a second results in over eleven thousand one hundred litre of water being wasted every year. Leak detection and repair is therefore vitally important both from a financial and an ethical point of view.

The most common places to find leaks in any home are in the bathroom. Take some time to check your shower head, the bath taps and the basin faucets to ensure they are not dripping. The toilet however can be a major culprit. One leaking toilet can waste up to a hundred and thirty thousand litres. While these may just sound like really big numbers, in our country every litre counts, and every litre costs.

Leak Detection Companies

These are costs that are completely unnecessary. If you call for a leak detection plumber, they will be able to repair a leaking faucet or toilet easily. The most common causes are simple fixes such as washers and flappers, both very inexpensive fixes.

In the kitchen, it is important to inspect the kitchen sink both the taps and the pipes underneath the sink area. Running a paper towel underneath the dishwasher and clothes washer will show whether the water is pooling there. It is important to periodically check the pipes leading to these appliances too. Requesting a plumber to do leak detection will also show up these problems.

The geyser is another area to check for any water marks, or apparent deterioration of the equipment. A geyser is not something that you can do a DIY operation – so call a leak detection company in Durbanville to help you out.

The final place to check to check for water leaks is in the garden – any standing water and dripping taps are a problem – ensure that you get these checked out. After making all these checks it is possible to still be losing water and not know it. It is important when you get a plumber in that you request that they do leak detection analysis on your home and property.

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