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Best Blocked Drain Quotes in Durbanville

Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is one of the many frustrations homeowners face at some point. Whether it be from general wear and tear or objects getting lodged in the pipes below our plugs, a blocked drain can cause flooding, damage and will require a plumber to be called to fix the problem. Blocked drains also become a place for bacteria to grow and so can become hazardous to the health of the inhabitants of a house.

There are a few common reasons that a drain or a toilet gets blocked and thus there are many things that you can do to help reduce the number of times you’ll need to call for help from Durbanville plumber specialists.

The most common reason for drains getting clogged, especially in the shower or basin is hair. In the shower, hairs get washed off the body and collect just below the plug resulting in a blocked drain. In less serious cases you can reach down into the drain with a finger or two and unblock the pipe. It is not advisable to use implements to do this as this could damage the pipe and result in further expenses. If in doubt called for a plumber to come and assist.

Blocked Drain Near Me

If you’re looking for blocked drain near me online, then it’s best to call Anton’s Plumbing Services, the blocked drain near me specialists in Durbanville. Let’s back to the reasons why drains get clogged up.

In the kitchen the most common culprit for a blocked drain is grease and oil being poured down the sink. This oil coagulates as it dries – which means that it hardens and builds up a residue on the pipe walls. Eventually this causes a complete blockage. It is therefore always advisable to pour any grease or oil into a container before washing a pot or pan if you want to avoid a blocked drain.

Some people keep a glass or plastic container next to the sink that they use to collect left over oil from their pans. Once this container is filled it is thrown away with the rest of the garbage.

Toiletries other than toilet paper being thrown down the toilet is another reason for a block drain. Feminine hygiene products, nappies and wet wipes do not disintegrate in water – and in fact – in the cases of feminine products and nappies, they swell as they absorb water and can therefore very easily cause a blockage further down the pipeline. In a case like this it would be vital to call for a blocked drain plumber to come and fix the problem. Use a bin in the bathroom to dispose of anything that’s not toilet paper.

Blocked Drain Companies

It is important to evaluate blocked drain companies before choosing one. Don’t let amateurs do a bad job and next month you sit with the same problem. Let Anton’s Plumbing Services assist you in getting your drain unblocked.

Having children in the house can cause similar problems as they often go through a phase of enjoying throwing items in the toilet. These can cause serious blockages as with the toiletries. Keep your little ones out of the bathroom if you want to avoid a drain that is blocked.

Powerful storms and heavy rains as we can get in South Africa can also cause blocked drains as they wash water through your gutters and pipes at a rapid rate. Anything deposited in these drains or gutters can get swept down with the rainwater and cause a blockage. It is therefore important to keep your gutters clean during the rainy season to avoid a blocked drain.

The final cause of a blocked drain can be incorrectly installed piping, which does not let the water flow out and be drained as it should be. It is therefore very important to rather call a blocked drain Durbanville plumber to do your plumbing work rather than going solo on a DIY project. Why not let the specialists do it right the first time round and save money in the long run?

Follow these guidelines to avoid a blocked drain – but if it happens, call our blocked drain plumbers to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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