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Best Geyser Installation Quotes in Durbanville

Geyser Installation

Electricity is becoming more and more expensive as time goes on and as Eskom hikes its tariffs. Coal powered electricity which is most of the electricity generated in South Africa, is also bad for the environment and adds to the carbon emissions that are creating climate change. For these reasons it is vital that we look at ways to reduce our power usage, both for financial and ethical reasons.

One of the primary ways we can do that in a household is with geyser installation. Geysers are standard in every household and consume large amounts of electricity in order to heat the amount of water required. While hot water is a necessity for showering and cleaning – we need to realise that it has a significant impact on our electricity bill at the end of the month. There are however numerous things regarding your geyser that can help reduce these costs.

Geyser Installation Near Me

If you are looking for geyser installation near me online and were to get a geyser installation plumber in, (if you were building a house or an extension to a house or office block etc) the size of the geyser would be important. In a granny flat or bachelor flat, where it is expected that only one person will be living, there is no need to get a geyser bigger than fifty litres. A larger geyser installation will require more electricity to heat.

It is estimated that around fifty litres per person in the house, cottage or flat is enough. Thus, a four-person house would then need to get geyser installation company in Durbanville to fit a two hundred litre geyser for their needs. Office complexes and working spaces would need a much smaller geyser installation as their needs would be primarily cleaning, not bathing or showering. Installing the right sized geyser will be important in terms of energy saving and thus cost saving.

When requiring a geyser installation it would also be important to request that the plumber fits heat insulating blankets both on the geyser and on around three meters of piping around the geyser. This preserves the heat and thus would result in the geyser needing less electricity to keep the water at the required temperature. While this will add to the initial cost of the geyser installation it will pay off in the savings gained through electricity costs.

Geyser Installation Companies

It is also important that the geyser temperature is turned down to around 55-60 degrees. You can ask the geyser installation company who comes to install the geyser to do just that. There is no need to have boiling water coming out of your taps. Not only does this conserve electricity, but it is also safer as the water coming out of the taps is less likely to scald as badly as higher temperatures would.

It would also be important to fix any leaks or dripping hot taps. Constant water moving through the geyser would require it to be heated more, and thus use more electricity. If you notice taps dripping or suddenly have excessively high-water bills, call in your plumber to find and fix the problem as soon as possible. Leaking water is bad for water conservation as well as your wallet.

Finally, it doesn’t help to switch the geyser off during the day and switching it on only to use at night. Switching it off when you go on holiday is vital. There is absolutely no need to keep water hot when no one is using it. This can also delay the requirement for a new geyser installation for a few more years.

Geysers use large amounts of electricity, and therefore cost a great deal. Speak to your Durbanville plumbers for advice on the best geyser installation for your needs and ways in which your electricity consumption can be reduced.

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