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Geyser Repair

Geysers are standard in any household today and are necessary not only for bathing and showering, but also for all our cleaning, cooking, and washing needs. When a geyser breaks however, it is important to get the geyser repair Durbanville specialist to come attend to it as soon as possible. There are three things that will usually require a geyser repair: the geyser no longer providing hot water, the geyser overheating, and the geyser tripping the main switch.

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When looking for geyser repairs near me online, remember that Anton’s Plumbing Services is rated amongst the best in the region. Not all geyser repairs near me online searches will show you the best plumbers to get the job done. But with Anton’s Plumbing Services, you don’t have to worry about that. We are recommended geyser repair plumbers in Durbanville and surrounding areas. We also do high pressure drain jetting.

Let's look at common causes for geyser problems with suggested solutions.

There is no Hot Water in the Taps. Unless the electricity has been off, the geyser failing to heat water is usually cause for a geyser repair. There would be two key causes for this. The first is that one of the heating elements has broken. There are two heating elements (one at the top and one at the bottom) of every geyser to heat the water. One of these elements failing to work will result in the water not being heated sufficiently and therefore you will have cold water coming out the tap. Calling for a geyser repair plumber will be necessary.

The second reason will be a faulty thermostat. The thermostat measures and controls the temperature of the water. A faulty thermostat would therefore do this incorrectly or not at all, and thus the water would not be heated sufficiently. The only way to fix this is to call our plumber in Durbanville to replace it.

It is also possible that your thermostat is simply set on a temperature too low. This can be easily checked and corrected.

The Geyser is Overheating. There are two ways you generally know that your geyser is overheating. Firstly, the water coming out your taps will be scolding hot, and secondly you can sometimes hear the water in the geyser boiling. This is very dangerous as the water coming out the taps can cause serious burns. It also will often result in the elements burning out and this can become an electrical problem as well. If your geyser is overheating it is imperative that you organise a geyser repair as soon as possible.

The thermostat is the most likely cause for the geyser to overheat. Either the thermostat is set too high (Thermostats can be set to one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius, but this is extremely high. Normal settings are between fifty and seventy degrees) or it is faulty. As with the other extremes, you will need to arrange for a plumber to assess and do a geyser repair if necessary.

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The other cause for overheating can be if there are minerals that have settled and coagulated on the elements. These elements at the top and bottom of the geyser are what heats the water and if there is a sediment of minerals that has collected, the elements have to work harder to achieve the same amount of heat. This can lead to overheating. Call for your geysers repair Durbanville specialist.

A third cause may be that the pressure release valve is faulty or stuck. The pressure valve allows for steam to release and when it fails the water in the geyser can overheat. This can be dangerous for the homeowners. This will require a geyser repair.

The Geyser is tripping the main power. The third main call out for geyser repair is because the geyser is tripping the main power in the house. You will know this is happening because your power will trip, and when attempting to restore power, all the other switches can be engaged but as soon as you engage the geyser switch it knocks the whole building’s power out.

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There are four main reasons for this happening. The first two have to do with the electrical wiring. If there is a leak and the water is dripping into electrical wires – it can cause the main power to trip. It is very hazardous for water and electricity to mix and this is why the safety of a trip switch is needed. The wires could also have come loose or have been installed incorrectly. An accredited geyser repair plumber would be able to fix this (and install it correctly the first time!)

The third reason is the thermostat again. A faulty thermostat can cause the power to trip if it is not functioning correctly. It will need to be replaced if it is tripping the power.

Finally, a burnt-out element within the geyser can cause the power to trip, especially if it is damaged and water is reaching the electrical wiring within it. This will need a geyser repair and the element will need to be replaced.

With any of these three problems with your geyser, calling for a geyser repair specialist in Durbanville is your safest and quickest way to a solution.

Call Anton’s Plumbing Services for fast geyser repair assistance.

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