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Solar Geyser Installation

Solar geyser installation is becoming more and more important in SA. In some areas, at least fifty percent of a household’s water heating needs must come from some form of renewable power. This means that in all new houses that are being built, there is either a gas geyser or a solar geyser installation. What are the benefits of using renewable energy as opposed to the far more common electrical geysers that most households have?

Water heating in homes consume at least forty percent of the electricity in the house. This means that forty percent of the electricity bill went to ensuring that one had hot showers and hot water to wash clothes and dishes with. This everyday luxury is thus costing us hundreds each month.

But what are the alternatives? Gas geysers are cheaper in the long run but still have running costs associated with the gas that gets consumed. Gas geysers also have carbon emissions so while better for the environment than electricity, they still cannot compare with solar geysers.

Solar Geyser Companies

A Solar geyser installation will reduce the electricity bill of a household by at least forty percent, if not more, depending on your hot water needs. A good solar geyser company will be able to do this for you. It also has no carbon footprint at all – thus being the most cost-effective way to have water heated in your home. As a solar geyser company will tell you, it also lasts for around twenty-five years and needs little to no maintenance. You could call solar geyser installation Durbanville specialists to simply do an annual inspection to ensure all is in good working order.

South Africa also has sunshine year-round and has a consistent renewable resource available at all times. Energy specialists have noted this and thus are encouraging a switch to solar power wherever possible. Solar geyser installations are now commonplace in all government-built housing as it reduces the cost for government in the long run. A while back, a solar geyser installation was still unusual but now one can call a solar geyser company easily as there are many solar companies and plumbers are well trained in this area.

The only real downside to a solar geyser installation is the initial startup cost. Calling a solar geyser installation Durbanville specialist will be very expensive. This up-front cost is the biggest hurdle for the average household in South Africa. Considering the considerable saving in the long run, it is well worth considering saving to start a journey towards solar heating.

It is also possible to start small where only part of one’s water is heated using solar power and thus build up panels which allows for a slow transition towards being off the grid. An important thing to note would be that a solar geyser installation would also markedly improve the value of your property should you wish to sell.

Solar Geyser Durbanville

A common myth around a solar geyser installation is that it can only work effectively during spring and summer, during the hot months of the year. This is completely untrue. The technology for a solar geyser revolves around sunlight, that gets converted into heat energy. It is not the heat but the light of the sun the provides the electricity required to heat water. South Africa on average receives around three thousand hours of sunlight a year, this is plenty to keep the water in your geyser hot no matter what the season.

A second myth is that with solar technology advancing at such a rapid rate, solar panels and the solar geyser installation you would have would become outdated and need replacing. While it is true that the technology is growing and changing daily, a solar geyser installation will continue to work for many years. In fact the average lifespan of a solar geyser installation system is around twenty-five years.

If you can afford the cost to install a solar geyser in your house or business, call solar geyser installation Durbanville to help you convert to a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to have hot water.

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