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Today Google is the first go-to for plumbing problems in Kraaifontein. Not only can you find quick answers and how-to guides, but you can also satisfy your curiosity with everything from how cranberries are harvested to why fireflies glow. When it comes to plumbing however – most of the questions are very similar. In fact, typing “Why is my plumbing…” into the search engine will display the most common words searched for. And most of these have to do with noise!

Why is my plumbing whistling? Why is my plumbing making a big noise? Why is my plumbing humming? Why is my plumbing so loud? Why is my plumbing gurgling?

Clearly plumbing noises are what make most people the most nervous! If you are in any way worried don’t do a Google search – rather call Anton’s Plumbing Services who are plumbers in Kraaifontein to get sound expert advice and the way forward.

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To deal with the noise question – different situations create different noises. Plumber Kraaifontein could tell you immediately what the noise might be coming from. What we will give you below is a helpful go to guide for plumbing noises.

Why is my plumbing whistling? Whistling pipes can be annoying, but more importantly it can happen because there is something broken either within the valves or in the pipes. This can as simple as a washer eroding or a valve malfunctioning, but it could also be because the water pressure is too high in your pipes.

Mineral build up in pipes can increase the water pressure and thus created that sound as well. Your best option is always to call Plumber Kraaifontein and ask for them to diagnose the problem. Not only will they know what is causing it but will be able to fix it for you immediately.

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Why is my plumbing humming? Humming noises are most likely caused by pressure in the pipes being too high. When the water is running at such a high pressure it causes the pipes to vibrate. This vibration is what sound like humming. Plumbers Kraaifontein will be able to come in and test your pressure and take measures to reduce the pressure. Too high pressure can result in pipes bursting. You will want to get the Kraaifontein plumber in before that happens.

Why is my plumbing banging? There are two key reasons for banging noises in your plumbing. The first is water hammer. This occurs when a tap or pipe is suddenly shut off and the water moving through the pipes at speed hits the end of the pipe causing a bang. This can set off a series of bangs through other pipes. The second reason is from air bubbles in the pipes. You will notice this banging when you switch on a tap and the air bubble comes out.

This is normally caused by interruptions in your water pipes and water being shut off. In both these cases the banging can be a cause for concern. Contact your Plumber Kraaifontein to evaluate the problem.

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Why is my plumbing gurgling? When water washes down your sink it can make gurgling or sucking noises. This is most often caused by a blockage in your drainage system. These blockages can be caused by a foreign object, by a build up of toiletries like soap scum or from grease and oil that has solidified in the pipes.

A drain blockage needs to be dealt with by a professional who can find out what the blockage is caused by and how far down the pipe the blockage has occurred. This can then be cleaned out and repaired by. Leaving a blockage can cause leaking and can ultimately damage your pipes.

Anton’s Plumbing Services who are plumbers Kraaifontein is available for all your plumbing needs and noises! Give us a call today.

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