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Emergency Plumbers

Calling for emergency plumbers is one of the biggest headaches faced by homeowners and one we wish we could avoid. For some reason it seems that burst geysers, major leaks and blocked toilets only happen in the evening and almost certainly on the eve of a public holiday or during the weekend.

For this reason alone, it would be important to have the number for the emergency plumber in Durbanville on your phone at all times. However, there are several precautions you can take to decrease these occurrences and protect the plumbing in your house. Being proactive in these ways can avoid the need for emergency plumbers all together.

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There are many plumbers to choose from in Durbanville an dsurrounding areas. Be careful to just choose the closest plumber to you. Check out their credentials and reviews. Anton’s Plumbing Services is one of the best rated emergency plumbers in Durbanville. We will do a great job for you.

Consider the following in order to avoid having to call a emergency plumber in Durbanville.

Your toilet is not a rubbish bin. Just because certain items are flushable, it is not advisable that anything other than toilet paper be flushed down your loo. Feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, nappy liners and cat litter all belong in the bin rather than down the toilet. These items while claiming to be flushable do not disintegrate in the water and therefore clog the pipes and can cause severe blockage. Blocked toilets over the weekend, especially when you have guests arriving, can cause great stress. Avoid calling emergency plumbers by using the bin instead.

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Notice water leaks and deal with them immediately. When you see water pooling at the base of the toilet, behind the sink or around outdoor pipes, don’t wait for it to become a crisis. This water can erode the walls and floor surfacing and the leak can get worse over time. It will increase your water bill substantially and waste water which, with the level of drought we face in our country, is very irresponsible. Rather call emergency plumbers in Durbanville to come and have the leak seen to before the problem gets worse and costs more than it needs to.

Don’t clutter the space under your sinks. The pipes under your sink play an important role in catching items that fall through the plug. They can also be sensitive and get damaged if there is too much movement around them. Cluttering up the space with fire hydrants, bottles of washing soaps and cleaning materials can cause unnecessary breakage and leaks. It can also block your sight of these pipes and so leaks, and damage can go undetected. Try to keep as few items as possible around these pipes.

Choose Emergency Plumbers in Durbanville Over DIY

Avoid DIY. Plumbing is a skilled profession, where those qualified have trained and studied to understand the workings of all your plumbing, water and sewerage equipment. So often a problem is made worse by untrained attempts to fix a problem that could have been solved by simply calling the emergency plumber first. Unless you are certain of the cause of a problem, don’t start taking your dishwasher apart or unscrewing pipes you find in your garden. Leave it to the experts.

Don’t wash oil or fat down your sink. All fats coagulate and thicken when they cool down. Pouring old cooking oil or your cooking fat down the drain can cause major blockages. It is so unnecessary to spend money on an emergency plumber simply because your sink has become blocked. Rather take cooking oils or fat of any kind, pour it off into a mug or container and wait for it to cool down. Once cooled it is easy to scrape into the bin and save the pipes under your sink.

Hopefully following these easy guidelines will help you avoid unnecessary call outs and serious damage to your pipes and plumbing facilities.

Remember however, our emergency plumbers in Durbanville is always ready to answer your call and help whenever there is a crisis.

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